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Convinient loans for purchasing moto cargos


It is determined based on the price of the purchased cargo motorcycles


24 months
Created at: 20.01.2020 | Updated at: 02.10.2020

Convenient percent rates

Convenient credit period

Less documents

What is ?

Loans issued to citizens for the purchase of cargo motorcycles manufactured in the Republic of Uzbekistan

Additional information

Credit calculation

How much you need?

5000000 sum

Credit period

12 month


Initial compansation


the amount of principal to be repaid

23 %

Annual interest rate

Payment date

Days of the month

Interest rate

Loan amount sum

Interest payments sum

Total payments sum

12 800 000 sum
12 800 000 sum
12 800 000 sum

What should you do in order to get a credit?



For this, come to the bank with guarantor - documents is required from each of you


Wait for the decision of the underwriter

The documents submitted for obtaining a loan will be reviewed by the Underwriter.


Use credit effectively

Pay off credit debts on time

Required documents




Documents that accept financial statement of the borrower(s) fot the last 12 months (identified by accumulative pension system)


Relevant documents regarding collateral.

What are the credit conditions?

Maximum credit amount

It is determined based on the price of the purchased cargo motorcycles

Credit valid period

24 months

Credit preferred period

Without grace period

Credit supply

Cargo motorcycles purchased with a loan

Paying percent rate

Age of credit taker

Citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan who have reached the age of 18

Loan agreement

Download loan agreement

Important requirements

A credit is issued to citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan, who have a permanent job and a constant source of income.

  • What documents should be provided for obtaining a loan?
  • How many days my application will be considered?
  • To whom loans are issued?
What documents should be provided for obtaining a loan?
  • Application
  • Passport copy of the borrower
How many days my application will be considered?

Within three days after providing all necessary documents for obtaining a loan.

To whom loans are issued?

Loans are granted to able-bodied citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan with permanent work and citizens permanently residing in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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